About Smart City Online

Future Cities Infrastructure are All Connected

5G has a very short time latency (0.1ms laboratory & 0.5ms live tested) that is quicker than eye blinking thus bring Smart City Applications to new high level.

Smart City Online is the on line platform services of our group companies including MapKing, MapAsia, A Innovative and Fleet Management Online utilizing 5G and high end internet technologies for a spectrum of applications. We have applications in logistics, mapping, smart shopping mall, smart hotel, IoT. Please contact us for details.

We Lead Cities

We are a group of experts in town planning, building design, information technology, and Geographic Information System. Our experienced team are well experienced in Smart City, Mapping, Smart Real Estate and Hotel Projects with focus in Asia Pacific.

Smart City On Line is a MapKing service. http://www.MapKing.com

Be Free to contact us in Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia.

email: Sales@MapKing.com